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Cadence Patterns

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These cadence patterns are common chord patterns found in all music from Chopin to Jazz and the Blues.

For classical players this will help you memorize faster and more reliably. Instead of memorizing dots on a page these patterns will be very familiar to you.

For jazz players these patterns become the foundation for building sophisticated jazz chords and voice leading. Mastering these fundamental patterns is the first step.

Here is the first pattern.

Primary Chords 1

Can you play it in all inversions?

How about in minor?

Can you add other chords to it?

How does this pattern show up in Bach or ragtime?

Course Objectives #

In this course you will learn:

Included PDF #

I have prepared a PDF handout with all the exercises that will be referenced in this course.

The PDF is included as a part of this course, but if you would just like to buy the PDF click the link below.

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