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Here is loop 1.

Loop 1

The idea is to take a short chord progression and become comfortable improvising over it.

Learning full jazz standards with 16 or 32 bars can get overwhelming. Often the tune can be broken up into 4 or 8 bar chunks.

The loops #

Here are the other loops I will cover in this course.

Loop 2 - Gospel Blues #

Loop 2

I discuss playing with chord pairs and getting a gospel sound.

Loop 3 - Sing a Song of Song #

Loop 3

I cover this progression from Kenny Garrett's "Sing a Song of Song"

The E major to C Major adds a fun challenge and a cool sound.

Loop 4 - Minor Blues #

Loop 4

This is a classic minor blues vamp. Use the minor blues scale or try outlining chords.

Course Objectives #

You will learn:

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