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The Importance of Singing

There is a strong connection to ones abilities on their instrument and the ability to sing whatever they are trying to do with their voice.

The best musicians I know have a strong musical sense with their voice.

You can hear Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson, or Keith Jarrett singing while they play.

The piano can be a detached instrument because you play a key, which then moves a lever, which then strikes the string. This is much more disconnected than say a violin where you feel the instrument vibrate against your body and the bow causes the string to vibrate.

1st order — voice, body rhythm (ala Bobby McFerrin)

2nd order — violin, clarinet, drums, ..

3rd order — piano

4th order — computer programmed music

The first and best place to start learning music is through singing. Ideally you start singing as a child.

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