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The Blues Course

After years of struggling to learn jazz I finally found a simple way to learn and practice that finally clicked. Start with learning the blues. This key skill will open the doors for all other types of jazz.

In this course you will learn the skills to play the blues in the style of Oscar Peterson, Red Garland, and Wynton Kelly.

Here is what you get:

Blues Challenge Flier

Course outline:

  1. The Blues Form
  2. Bass Lines
  3. Shells
  4. Blues Scales
  5. Block Chords
  6. Bebop Lines
  7. Blues Lick Glossary

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Current FrazierPianoStudio subscribers will be able to find this PDF and backing tracks in the Blues Fundamentals I.

Backing Track Samples #

Here are the 2 tracks for blues in C. The keys of G, F, and Bb are provided with the course.

Without Metronome #

With Metronome #

PDF Preview #

Table of contents Sample Page 1 Sample Page 2 Sample Page 3