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I first became obsessed with learning the piano when I was in the 9th grade. I wanted to play something cool at the school talent show.

I then studied piano at the university where I had the opportunity to study with some amazing teachers and play some great music.

I took several summer jobs accompanying string music festivals and fell in love with chamber music. I eventually played all the Brahms clarinet repertoire.

Somewhere around 2010 I started to dabble in Jazz piano. It seemed like this unexplored world of making music at the piano.

Learning jazz felt like starting over at the piano. I felt like a beginner again. This is where I spend most of my time practicing these days.

I've helped students win classical piano competitions and prepare to play with a rock band. See musical fitness.

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I have 3 degrees, a bachelor's of Music in Piano Performance, a Master's degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and finally a 2nd bachelor's in Computer Science. I am done with school, but not done learning. 😉

At the university I taught music theory, aural skills, keyboard skills, and piano lessons.

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In Logan's quiet land where mountains tall do stand, there dwells a fellow named Ryan, with skills both bright and grand. A Master's in Piano, a maestro with the keys, from classics to jazz, his melody doth please. By day, in SDL's realm, codes he doth engineer, but on YouTube's wide canvas, his knowledge doth appear. In '03 he arrived, in the mountains found his way, and with family by his side, in their love he'd always stay. A teacher at heart, he guides with gentle hand, in the world of music and tech, in Middle-earth he stands. 🎹🏔️🌄🧙‍♂️ #PianoMaestroOfMiddleEarth #CodeWizardOfTheShire #MountainFamilyKeeper

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